Why Choose CAS

Highly skilled support made affordable!

Since you only pay for the services we provide on a contract fee basis, and we work with many representatives across the country, we have been able to create volume which keeps your expense low!


    We bring years of real-world claims experience and have worked thousands of cases across all administrative levels.
    We reject the “one size fits all” model and provide customized services to meet our client’s exact needs.  You remain in the driver’s seat of your business!
  • COST:
    As your costs decrease, your profit increases!  Our services can reduce your costs while maintaining or increasing your effectiveness.
  • The services provided to our offices by Mr. Chase Burns  and his staff have been nothing short of spectacular! Chase and his team have such awesome customer service and even their briefs and file downloads to us are done in such a compassionate and customer service focused manner.

    It is my highest honor to work with and have him as one of our premier vendors for brief writing.

    He goes above and beyond the call of duty in his pre and post hearing offerings. 
    Dr. Carletta E. Griffin
  • I have been very pleased with the work product from Cornerstone Advocate Solutions.  Chase is personable, detail oriented and thorough. His work product is always of the highest caliber.


How do I get started?
What security measures are in place to protect PHI and PII?
Is there a long-term contract?
What is your brief writing and file review turn-around time?
How much do your services cost?
What if I need rush service?