Who We Are

​We believe that you should be free to run your business rather than allowing your business to run you. 
Chase Burns


There are many areas of client service and case preparation that require certain skills and expertise above the level of your support staff. This will leave an enormous workload on you or require you to hire highly skilled employees that comes at a high cost. Because of this, you are stuck working within your business instead of working on growing your company. You are effectively limiting your earning potential to the number of claims you can handle yourself. After 10 years of experiencing such issues, we started this project to free up the most valuable resources for you: Your Time. At the same time, you are increasing your earning potential and reducing cost.


We are Social Security and Medicare planning industry professionals who strive to provide the highest level of service to our attorney and non-attorney partners, as well as their clients.

    Chase Burns is a graduate of the Alexandria campus of Louisiana State University. In 2009, after having spent over a year of intensive study under Overton Burns, he successfully passed the Social Security "Eligible for Direct-Pay Non-Attorney" examination and has been successfully representing claimant's before the Administrative Law Judges at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review ever since.
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    Stephne Flegel is a 2003 graduate of Eastern Oregon University. She joined the insurance industry shortly after, and worked for several years as a lead group benefits and individual life/health insurance case manager. Over time she shifted into personal lines, and eventually took some time to raise a family, maintaining and adding to her credentials all the while.
    Email 337-378-3620