Medicare Consulting


This service costs you and the client absolutely nothing yet takes a load off of your shoulders while subsequently providing the highest and fullest level service to your client.  Let us answer all questions pertaining to Medicare eligibility and coverage.  Our Medicare consulting staff are licensed insurance producers who take a yearly Medicare certification course to stay up to date on all applicable rules and regulations.  

Here are some ways this is beneficial to you and the client:

  • Your client receives a higher level of service from you since they'll be refered to an expert to advise on all Medicare issues
  • This completes the process of getting your client all of the resources they qualify for with no additional effort or cost on you or the claimant
  • Save time by not having to research and answer Medicare questions or solve their Medicare issues
  • Increase client satisfaction with your services resulting in a higher likelihood of future referral business


What makes us different than referring to any other insurance agent?

  • We are long time disability representatives and understand the unique needs of individuals on SSDI and SSI and our first priority is to meet those needs
  • We stay up to date on all applicable low income subsidies and Medicaid supplement programs - and we go above and beyond by assisting clients enroll in these programs at no cost to you or them
  • We will consult with your client and answer their questions even if we don't have a product that benefits them - we help all individuals who are disabled
  • We will continue to respect and promote your brand with your clients and refer them and their contacts back to you for all disability related issues

How do we get paid?  

  • Many times clients will need to enroll in prescription drug plans or Medicare advantage plans - we contract with many carriers to find the best fit for the individual and we are paid by these carriers.‚Äč

This service is wildly beneficial to your clients and it would be a disservice to allow them to "go it alone" in handling and planning their Medicare coverage.