A well written brief is an essential part of effective representation of your client. We understand that brief writing can be extremely time consuming and mentally draining. Many times, brief writing will be put off until the last minute. No longer! Allow us to assist you in this arduous task.

There are many benefits in allowing us to provide this service for you, including:

  • Increased Consistency
  • Increased Positive Outcomes
  • Hours saved in legal theory research
  • Hours saved on medical file review
  • Money saved compared to hiring in house staff (salary, benefits, payroll taxes, supplies, vacation time, training, etc.)
  • Timely service - Never miss a submission deadline
  • Free yourself up to focus on growing your business without sacrificing the quality of your representation services
  • Briefs can be customized to meet your preferences
  • Thorough file review will alert you to any red flags BEFORE walking into the hearing room
  • Allow yourself to take a larger caseload - increasing your gross revenue - without spreading yourself too thin