You Can Improve the Quality of Your Disability Representation & Grow Your Disability Practice at the Same Time, Here’s How in Three Easy Steps!

You Can Improve the Quality of Your Disability Representation & Grow Your Disability Practice at the Same Time, Here’s How in Three Easy Steps!

One of the bigger challenges of building a disability firm is scaling while maintaining quality customer service.  Perhaps adding complexity to the issue is managing a challenging client base as well.  It’s probably no surprise to many that clients seeking disability in the form of Social Security (SSI, SSDI), Veterans (Service-Connected, Non-Service Connected, DIC, TDIU, etc.), and even long-term disability (ERISA) and more, are often in very stressful situations in their personal life.  To expect them to be on point, on time, and on topic, is a huge client management hurdle.  Add to this, your obligations to every other part of your business, and you have a full plate! 

How can you reshuffle items on that plate or maybe even scoop them onto another person’s plate, so that you can focus on the tasks you have to get done to grow your business? Here’s a three-step process that you can read in <3 minutes.  The simple process will help you frame your next discussion, which should be with us! 

STEP 1: Outsource What You Don’t Do Best

Outsourcing isn’t something that needs to be a bad word.  We’re not talking about having your call-in number ring up in another continent.  In actuality, the focus here should be to find the aspects of your day-to-day that pull your attention away from your broader focus. 

For example: bringing someone on board, or considering whether to bring them on as a client, often takes valuable time – in the form of interviewing them, evaluating their disability claim, and even a fair share of client education (what they can/should expect).  In a bigger disability practice, this is often handled by case managers or paralegals.  But in a small practice, it’s you – the disability attorney or disability advocate doing all of this!  Stop. 

There are options to offload some of this repetitive work.  And these options will help you scale. 

STEP 2: Scale & Market Your Disability Practice

What’s it mean for a disability advocacy business to scale?  Scaling means serving more clients (higher gross $).  To scale might also mean serving the same number of clients, better (ostensibly, better profit or better net $).  Regardless of which track you feel is the best way to take your firm, marketing will be the key to get there. 

In most cases, the best person to talk about your business is you!  Your business, hopefully, is your passion.  You have invested more than $ in your disability practice, you invested your time, your life in it!  But, getting that message to the eyes and ears of people who need your disability representation is challenging.  You have a lot of options: print, website, blog, SEO, tv, radio, billboards, and so much more.  But if we go back to the previous STEP, your ability to personally engage in these marketing vectors is intimately intertwined with your ability to get the day-to-day grind-work of disability law off your plate. 

For many growing firms, once the issue of how to balance your workload as an advocate is (somewhat) solved, the bigger challenge often becomes, how to market.  Congratulations, you’ve jumped from disability representative to marketer.  Bet you never expected to be building a marketing firm too!

STEP 3: Focus on What You Do Best

We keep coming back to the idea of passing off items you don’t need to do yourself.  The reason, because you need to focus.  For your business to succeed, you have to do what you sell. Disability representation.  But you also have to run your business – which is all those other things that enable you to do disability representation.  Accounting, Marketing, Client Management, Representation, Hearings, Answering Phones, and still being a person (or family member).  Every single one of these items you can contract out, except for the last one.  Pick two or three to focus on; hire, or contract out to accomplish he rest.  If you’re not sure how – contact us, we’ll help. 

Get Help Today

We work with disability practices like yours to take time-consuming tasks off their plate.  We help businesses like yours outsource, scale, and focus on their mission. 

Rather than hire a full-time employee to draft briefs, perform case file reviews, train up staff, make submission deadlines, and so much more, reach out to us today, to discuss how Cornerstone Advocate Solutions will help you overcome your growth challenges.

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