Ten Ways an Advocate Solutions Firm Will Help You Build your Disability Practice

Ten Ways an Advocate Solutions Firm Will Help You Build your Disability Practice

As you build your disability representation practice you will have to figure out how to increase your workload without a directly parallel scale up in costs.  Every firm’s story about how they approach this hurdle is a bit different, but in a world where expert support is just an email away, we strongly believe our approach is fast, consistent, and of superior value. 

To demonstrate what we mean by a superior value to you as a disability practice owner, here is a list of ten ways that an advocate solutions firm like ours will help you build your business.

Increase Consistency

Whether you need support for brief writing, actual representation before ALJ’s, case file reviews, or training of your team, our aim is to help you build your practice and meet those levels of quality you believe your firm should represent. 

Increased Positive Outcomes

Even if we’re only discussing drafting disability hearing briefs as a service for you, the high quality of the briefs and the consistent research that goes into them will result in both you and the ALJ being better prepared.  If you make the process easier for everyone, the results will improve.  

Hours Saved in Legal Theory Research

What is the value of your time?  If you could take a part of your day and hand it off to someone with a high level of skill in that one particular task, would you be able to spend that amount of time doing more productive things to develop your business?  This question is mostly rhetorical. Of course, you could do more things with that time!  As a business owner, you must commit your time intentionally to items that will help you develop your practice to meet your vision.  Unless your vision is to keep your nose buried in research and drafts of briefs, hand those things off as soon as is practical. 

Hours Saved on Medical File Review

Again!  What is your time worth?  If you spend 2 hours a day doing medical file reviews – at $250/hr (hypothetical rate), is there possibly someone else who can do the same research and summarize things for you at less than $500/day?  Of course there is!

Money Saved Compared to Hiring In-House Staff (Salary, Benefits, Payroll Taxes, Supplies, Vacation Time, Training, Etc.)

Hire in-house or outsource?  Make sure you’re weighing all the options here.  A vendor you can separate from at any time.  A bad employee, or one you have to constantly supervise and redirect, is a burden to you and your team.  A good rule of thumb, if you need someone to assist with general tasks, an employee or employees, would be best.  Conversely, if you need someone who can hyper-focus on a task that requires a special skill set, brief writing, for example, there are vendors for that.  Such as Cornerstone Advocate Solutions.

Timely Service – Never Miss A Submission Deadline

Your advocate solutions vendor should not miss your timelines or your deadlines.   This requirement would be/should be fundamental to any service agreement you would sign with any reputable vendor.  Again, if you have troubles with a vendor, the separation is much simpler than separating from an employee that you’ve brought on at significant cost.

Free Yourself Up to Focus on Growing Your Business Without Sacrificing the Quality Of Your Representation Services

If you don’t want to work 75 hours a week the rest of your life, you’re going to need to grow your business.  However, if your hourly activities are filled with processes that others, not attorneys or advocates, could do just as well, offload those activities to someone that specializes in them.  Focus on growing and managing your disability practice, always.

Briefs Can Be Customized to Meet Your Preferences

Everyone has a style.  In fact, declare a position on the Oxford Comma and you might just never see half your friends again!  Referencing your appeal hearing briefs, we want to meet your preferences, re: style, language, presentation.  Retaining support shouldn’t mean losing direction.  These support activates are additive to your product, not a distraction.

Thorough File Review Will Alert You to Any Red Flags BEFORE Walking into The Hearing Room

A seasoned, second, set of eyes will undeniably catch items you’ve missed.  Often, small interpretation differences, but occasionally big RED FLAGS!  Like the movie, we are here to protect you BLIND SIDE!

Allow Yourself to Take A Larger Caseload – Increasing Your Gross Revenue – Without Spreading Yourself Too Thin

This statement pretty much makes the value proposition clear.  Larger caseload = higher gross.  Less Attorney/Advocate Time sunk into developing the case = higher net.  Save money, increase capacity, and net more as you scale your disability practice. 

Retain an Advocate Solutions Specialist Today    

Cornerstone Advocate Solutions exists to help you do business better.  We want you to be successful and we are confident our support services can get you where you aim to go!

Contact us today to help your firm grow.

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